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EFRA EC-B 1/10 GP: Pupke 3rd in final with 733, 3x733 in the Main ! (09/05/2011)


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Serpent 733-EVO 1/10 scale 4wd, Serpent 733-TE 1/10 scale 4wd, EFRA 1/10 GP EC-B, Netherlands

Saturday Finals

Rene Pupke puts Serpent 733 on the podium in 3rd place after 45 minute final and one tyre-stop.  

Overall 3 Serpent 733 in the main final, so an excellent result.


2 heats done, and Jacobs with Serpent 733/Sirio/Xceed/Xceed in 4th, Julius with Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed in 9th and Pupke with Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed in 10th.

Also Serpent/XceedZX/Xceed  of Cseko (12) and Gruber Serpent/XceedZX/Xceed (15) are doing well. Lehmann and Thiele will improve more and Jacky Mouton who arrived late is expected more up front too.

Full list:  http://www.myrcm.ch/nl/mach/20110505_979114/EFRA_1-10/index.html

2 more heats on friday morning. Weather is fine, host is fine. Saturday finals with 25dgrC sunny.

Team Serpent  


All 4 heats of the EURO-B have been run.  The 2nd run on thursday remained fastest one for most.  Pupke and Gruber both improved last day and are inside the semi's now too.

7 Serpent in the top 20, with 5 drivers qualified for the semi's already.

4th Jacobs: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
6th Pupke: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
11th: Gruber: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
12th: Kolff: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
14th: Cseko: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
15th Thiele: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed
18th: Markus Hellquist 733
20th Lehmann: Serpent 733/XceedZX/Xceed/Xceed

Congratues to Rombouts from Holland for the TQ.

All result: http://www.myrcm.ch/nl/mach/20110505_979114/EFRA_1-10/index.html

Saturday finals .

Team Serpent


Michael Salven  is at the track in Rucphen to support the Serpent drivers.

For the moment for Serpent  fastest guys are  Daan jacobs, Julius Kolff, Rene Pupke and Gergely Cesko.

The Serpent 733 runs very well on the Baanbrekers track, which is very fast and smooth.  

Live timing on:  myrcm.ch

Team Serpent

Schedule EK-B 2011

Monday    May 2    :    Foreword and pictures of preparation
             Timed Practice (10:00 till19:00u))
Tuesday    May 3    :    Timed Practice (10:00 till 19:00u)
Wednesday      May 4    :    Timed Practice (10:00 till19:00u)
Thursday    May 5    :    Timed Practice + 2 Qualifications (10:00 till 19:00u)
Friday    May 6    :    2 Qualifications (10:00 till 13:50u)
             Drivers presentation & Concourse d' Elegance (13:50 till 16:15u))
             1/64 Final A & B (16:30 till 17:20 u)
Saturday    May 7    :    Finals from 1/32 to Main final
             Price ceremony ( 17:15u)


Live timing:


89 drivers from all over Europe, and a strong filed of Serpent drivers too.

Good luck to all.

Team Serpent