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Serpent Asia Cup 2016: info and entry form (10/11/2016)


Serpent Asia Cup 2016

Special guest drivers
-   Dominic Greiner, Germany; Natrix 748 WC
-   Takumi Matsuda, Japan; Natrix 748 WC
-   Billy Easton, USA;  Cobra GT 3.0
-   Michael Salven, Germany; Viper 977-EVO2

General information

Track: Hong Kong TRC Racing track
Classes:   1/8 Nitro on-road (Limited to .21 engine)
      1/8 Nitro GT open class (Limited to .21 engine)
      1/8 Nitro GT RTR class (Limited to RTR stock Serpent engine)
      1/10 Nitro touring class (Limited to .12 engines)
All classes will be Serpent chassis only.

Date:    3rd of December (Saturday)will be qualify and registration will start at AM 08:00
   4th of December (Sunday) Main day, start at AM 09:00

Registration dead-line: 25th of November, 2016

-   The pit area is equiped with desk and chairs.
-   During race days all practice heats are controlled.
-   Bring your own AMB / mylaps transponder as the track will not have any to loan out.

Entry fees ( includes Dinner/BBQ ticket ):
1)   One class: HK$500
2)   Two classes: HK$600
3)   Three classes: HK$700
4)   Four classes: HK$800
Note: The above mention entry fees include the dinner/BBQ at 4th of December, trophy presentation will be done at the dinner/BBQ location. Extra diner/BBQ tickets will be sold at the track ( price to follow).

Transport cost
The taxi fees will cost around HK$60 single trip from the hotel tot he track.

Shuttle bus:
There will be a shullte bus available. Details to follow.

Fuel and tyres
are available for purchase at the track.

This first one Harbour Plaza Hotel is the Official race hotel.  
SHK obtained a special rate. Reservation through:  asia@serpent.com   ( Sandra)

18 Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories   

1 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories   

3 Tsuen Wah Street, Tsuen Wan   

28 Kin Chuen Street, Kwai Chung, Kowloon

Rules and Regulation:

Racer Registration:
Registration will start at AM 8:00 on 3rd of December. The racer is required to register, pay and collect the Driver-Pass and race briefing sheet at the race registration  Office . Each Driver-Pass has an individual number and the pit area is marked with that number. Drivers use their designated pit table. Numbers are given based on the time of registration and as teams. We strongly suggest everyone to register as a team so we can make sure all of you can sit together.

Qualify Regulation:
1)   Every class will have 5 rounds of qualification, and the best 3 (based on points) is used to calculate which Main group you will be in. If the points between two drivers are the same, tie breaker will base on their best score. If the best score round are the same, then the result will be based on the total lap time on their best round.
2)   Final will be separated into different mains. Every main will have trophees for top 3.
Note: There will be no track-marshall provided, so all marshalling works will be be done by drivers or mechanics .

Drivers are not allowed to smoke within the track, driver stand, re-fuel area, engine start-up area, entrance/exit of the pit area. All areas with cover will deemed No Smoking area.

Race Regulation and penalties:

1)   Qualifying will utilize Rolling-Start Formation.
2)   During qualifying, Drivers are allowed to choose their own spot on the driver-stand. All drivers will require to wear their pass to gain access to the driver stand, drivers without their pass are not allowed to go on the driver stand.
3)   For Qualifying and Finals, you are required to have 3 number stickers on your body. The organiser reserves the right to stop drivers until the correct number stickers are applied.
4)   Number stickers must be applied: one on the front window, one on the right window and one on the left window. You must use the number stickers provided by the organiser.
5)   Finals are grid start. All cars will require to be back at the re-fuel area at call, and the cars are then carried to the starting grid. When everyone is on the grid, we start the 10 seconds count down. When the count-down reach the last 3 seconds, mechanics are required to place the car on the ground. All car will start from the sound of a tone. If there is any miss-start, there will be a re-grid and the race will start again with the violator placed in the last place. If a driver fails the start for three times, the driver will be disqualified from the race. 2 minutes before the end of each final race, drivers from the next main will have to line-up according to their qualifying position. Drivers are called upon to the driver stand based on the qualifying sequence.
6)   Refueling on the track is strictly prohibited. Mechanics are requested to pick the car up and re-fuel accordingly. After refueling, cars are released back on the refueling area. Mechanics are not allowed to release the car on the track directly, fail to do so may result in 5 seconds stop and go penalty.
7)   Lapped drivers are required to give way. Intentional blocking is not allowed, and warning will be given to drivers which fail to obey, if the situation continue then a 5 seconds stop and go penalty will result. If a car is deliberately hit from behind, then the violator may be required to come back to the pit and take a 5 seconds stop and go penalty.
8)   Mechanics are not allowed to carry a non-running car passed the timing-loop. The organiser reserves the right to deduct any number of laps from the above mention car.
9)   Drivers and mechanics are requested to stand at an appropriate position. During refueling, mechanics are not allowed to move along the refueling area to gain any  timing advantage. Mechanics are required to release the car at the same point where they picked it up. Fail to do so will result in a 5 seconds stop and go penalty.
10)   Each driver may have a maximum of 2 mechanics at the refueling area.
11)   1/8 Nitro on-road class run 3.5cc/21 engine only.
12)   1/8 Nitro GT class run 3.5cc/21  engine only.
13)   1/8 Nitro GT RTR class run the stock Serpent engine that came with the RTR kit.
14)   1/10 Nitro Touring class run 2.1cc/12  engine only.
15)   For 1/10 and 1/8 on-road class, please refer to IFMAR rules for dimensional requirements.
16)   All classes are require to use the designated fuel tank that come with the car. No modification of any kind on the fuel tank are allowed.
17)   All cars are requested to equip with IFMAR approved exhaust system, with no modification allowed. The maximum exhaust out-let size is 8mm diameter, for 10th scale its 5.2mm.
18)   Qualifying heats are 5 minutes in duration. The best 3 from 5 rounds will count towards the final qualify position.
19)   Top Qualify honour will be based on points taken from the driver with the best 3 rounds out of 5 counting.
20)   Duration for all classes: finals: A-main 40 minutes. B-main 30 minutes. C-main 15 minutes. The organiser reserves the right to lengthen or shorten the race base on the running schedule.

Examination of the car / tech-control
For qualify and final, all drivers/mechanics are requested to submit their car for tech-inspection after their race. Fail to do so may result in disqualification for the round. Tech check will include checking width/height and weight.