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Team: Merlin Depta continues with Serpent (28/01/2017)


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Viper 977 EVO-2 1/8 GP 4wd

[ Serpent News ] Merlin Depta prolongs agreement with Serpent

German topdriver Merlin Depta continues with Serpent in his quest to make podium finishes in the big races of his favourite class 1/8 scale GP onroad. Depta will continue racing the Viper 977-EVO2 in a number of bigger events as well as races in Germany

For 2017 on the list are the Winternats in USA, most ENS races, the EFRA GP's and ofcourse the 2017 World Championships in France. He will work together closely with key drivers like Salven, Green and Greiner, and you can always ask Merlin Depta at races for tech support !

Depta also races the Project 4X in the TC class to keep practise going in winter and had a nice podium finish at the DHI Cup 2017 in the stock-class !