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Team-driver Anthony Abisset continues with Serpent (16/03/2017)


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Viper 977 EVO-2 1/8 GP 4wd

[ Serpent News ]  Anthony Abisset from France prolongs teamcontract with Serpent

Longterm Serpent Top-driver Anthony Abisset from France continues with Team Serpent racing the  Viper 977 EVO2 1/8 scale onroad car.  

The highlight of 2017 is ofcourse the IFMAR World Championships in France, not too far away from his home.   Other races include the French nationals, the ENS races and if possible an EFRA GP.

Anthony works intensively together with designer Michael Salven  and is one of the key test-drivers for Serpent as well.

Abisset also races the Cobra 1/8 Buggy whenever time allows  in the French nats, but the 2 classes are not easy to combine, and there is a normal day-time job to do as well !

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