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Serpent with Viper 988 at the Worlds (12/09/2017)


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Serpent Viper 988 1/8 GP

Serpent is present at the IFMAR 2017 World Championship for 1/8 GP onroad in Monteux, France this week.

The suppport is done in coop with ModelPro-
 Chaussard and FDL and Team Serpent.

We succeeded to release the brandnew Viper 988 car just weeks before the WC to all the drivers, and the 988 is now shipping worldwide.  So all drivers at the WC are using the new Viper 988.

Team Serpent drivers from all over the world are present.  They key drivers for the top positions for Serpent are Greiner, both Sahahsi brothers, Depta, Abisset, Green, Wood and ofcourse Michael Salven the designer of the car.

You can follow the WC on various media; key ones are:
myrcm.ch for live timing
RC TV  for live video

and lots of info can be found on Facebook and other media.

We thank all Serpent drivers to attend the WC and thank IFMAR and the organisers to stage this great event.

Main Finals are on saturday !!  

SPT - Serpent Performance Team