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> Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF3 (#410065)

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Serpent introduces the new Serpent F110 – SF3 Formula 1 car. The next evolution of the Serpent F110 platform takes F1 1/10 racing to new levels of performance. The F110 SF3 is based on the racing experience gained over the last 2 years of racing IDFM, ETS, TiTC, CETC and races all over the world. weblink: http://promo.serpent.com/f110-sf3/index.html

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Team Serpent at ETS Germany (2018/01/31)


Team Serpent at ETS Germany.

Team Serpent is present with a growing team of F1 - F110-SF3  and TC stock and mod drivers with Project 4X - 4X EVO and 411 cars.

We wish all drivers a great race.  Serpent distributor 2-speed is present for support as needed.  Feel free to come over to our team  and Serpent designer David Ehrbar and Michael Salven to be fully informed about our cars and plans.

Team  Serpent

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31-07-17Ehrbar wins F1 ETS Season 2016-2017
19-04-17Serpent F110 SF3 promo website is ready