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> Cobra Buggy 2.2 GP 4wd 1/8 (#600015)

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Gas Cars > 1/8 offroad

Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy 2.2 1/8 4wd 1/8 scale high end 4wd race buggy for competition purposes. New parts included Upright buggy 1/8 V2 (2) Wheelaxle buggy v2 (2) Driveshaft buggy 98mm (2) Wheel-axle boot rubber (2) Antiroll bar front 2.3mm and the kit continues with - plus 4 chassis - longer alu rear brace - longer rear central shaft - hard coated shockcaps - aluminium 14 dgr casterblocks The kit includes car, clear body with mask, rear wing, decal and full color manual.

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Team: Shin Adachi joins Team Serpent 1/8 buggy (2015/12/28)


Serpent and Shin Adachi join into an agreement in which Shin will run the soon to be released brandnew 1/8 GP buggy as test and team-driver.

Shin brings along a tremendous amount of experience in racing and development, and will coop with main designer Billy Easton and the factory to develop the Serpent 1/8 buggy cars to even higher levels, and support Serpent drivers !

Below an interview with Shin Adachi.

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09-04-15NEW; Serpent 1/8 4wd Cobra buggy GP 2.2
05-02-15Works-Team: Neumann joins Serpent for offroad
17-06-14USA; Kyle Skidmore joins Team Serpent Offroad
05-06-14Spain: Serpent support at EC-B 1/8 Buggy, Madrid
27-05-14Team: Oscar Navarro
07-05-14Brasil: Truhe TQ and wins SouthAmerica Champs buggy and truggy !
29-04-14Team: Victor Wilck joins Serpent
03-04-14Scoop: 1/8 Cobra Buggy kit 2.1 coming soon
22-01-14Portugal: Topdriver Duraes joins Team Serpent offroad
17-01-14Team Serpent: Nicolas Reynaud joins Team Serpent
09-01-14Team: Mike Truhe joins Serpent
10-06-13Italy-811: EC-B buggy: Hassel in main final with Cobra !
04-04-13Sweden: Anton Gustavsson joins Team Cobra buggy
06-03-13Serpent Cobra 1/8 Offroad line
27-11-12Argentina World Championships 2012 Buggy 1/8
03-10-12Cobra Buggy 2.0 set-ups
25-09-12Easton interview on Cobra Buggy 2.0
21-09-12Scoop: Cobra GP Buggy 2.0 is ready and upgrade sets as well ....
24-07-12Kay Koops TQ's and Wins buggycup Appingendam Holland
28-06-12USA; Easton reports from ROAR Nats
12-06-12Argentina: Buggy Worlds 2012
01-06-12Easton reports on the Big One
16-05-12Cobra Buggy alternative set-up / parts
08-05-12USA: Easton TQ's and wins ROAR Nats warm-up Cobra TE
19-04-12Neo 2012: Easton reports
06-04-12Neo 2012: Team Serpent attending
14-03-12USA: Eastron reports from win at Psycho Nitro Blast
12-03-12USA: Easton with Cobra wins Psycho Nitro Blast
06-03-12Intro: Serpent 1/8 Cobra GP Buggy Team Edition; shipping mid march
14-01-12Billy Easton TQ's and wins Buggy and Truggy Alabama race
12-01-12Italy: Rick Acciari joins Team Serpent Cobra
22-12-11Italy: Padova Dirt Report by Bernard Durand / Bacro
07-12-11Interview with Jonathan Bacro, Team Serpent Cobra
05-12-11Team: Stephane Deroch (FR) with Serpent Cobra 811B and Be
02-12-11Team: Jonathan Bacro joins Team Serpent Cobra
22-11-11USA: Easton wins 2011 FORCE Series Florida,
09-11-11Rc Pro National Finals Race
09-11-11Korea: Jang Hyung Wook takes 3rd place at the Kyosho Off Road Nitro Championship
08-11-11South Island Championship
31-10-11Chile: Easton Vice-Champion in FAMAR Buggy 2011
31-10-11Spain: Garcia with Cobra Buggy wins Madrid Champs 2011
27-10-11Chile: Billy Easton wins Truggy 2011 FAMAR
17-10-11Spain: Garcia with Cobra Buggy 2nd in Spain Nats !
11-10-11Ukraine: Serpent 811 buggy win by Andrej Talalov
11-10-11Malaysia: Chili Lim / Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy wins Team-C Cup
03-10-11Italy: Billy Easton TQ and wins NovaRossi Buggy Cup in Italy
03-10-11Sweden: Interview with Michael Nilsson with S411
02-10-11Easton TQ at NR-Challenge in Italy ahead of Bianchi, Perin and Battle
29-09-11Italy: Billy Easton attends NovaRossi Buggy Cup in Italy
12-09-11Spain: Serpent Cobra takes 1st and 3rd place
07-09-11Brasil: Heitor Nogueira Vice-Champion 2011 in Buggy with Cobra
24-08-11Serpent takes win at the Rc Freak Offroad Raceway Philippines
22-07-111/8 OFF ROAD Center Regional Championship Portugal
10-07-11FEMCA 2011, Easton racing started
10-07-11FEMCA 2011 Buggy, Final : Easton with Cobra on podium in 2nd
01-07-11FEMCA 2011 Buggy: Easton for Serpent in Malaysia; race and suppport
26-06-11USA, AMS offroad: good results for CobraB and T
16-06-11Jordan Go Wins Philippines GP Buggy Nationals
10-06-11EFRA EC-B Lyon 1/8 offroad 2011 getting started
31-05-11South Korea: Top-driver Kang joins Team Serpent Cobra offroad
23-05-11Alberto García TQ's and Win 3rd CARTT Championship 2011 Spain
13-05-11Spain: Garcia flying with Serpent Cobra
25-04-11NEO UK 2011: Easton in 19th and Brunsberg in 39th overall
19-04-11Neo 2011: Serpent Cobra in action
06-04-11USA: JP takes TQ and victory in FSS with Serpent Cobra
31-03-11Portugal: Luis wins 1st Serpent / RRF Trophy-Series with Cobra
29-03-11French mag RC Racing Cars, report on Cobra S811 Buggy
15-03-11Brasil: NOGUEIRA with Cobra wins 2nd round of Sao Paolo Champs
01-03-11Clemen Pancho wins First Philippine Masters with Serpent S811 Cobra
24-02-11Sweden: new offroad talent Kennie Ekenstierna runs Serpent Cobra
23-02-11Sweden: Michael Nilsson joins Team Serpent Cobra
21-02-11USA: Motorama: Easton with Cobra TQ's buggy and truggy
10-02-11USA: JP Tirronen joins Team Serpent Cobra buggy
08-02-11Malaysia: another TQ and full podium for Serpent Cobra
02-02-11Tim McKay wins JQ Products Xmas Bash in Brisbane Australia
01-02-11Philippines: Serpent Cobra tops podium in SANWA 2011 Cup
24-01-11USA CRCRC race: Easton 3rd in Amain Buggy with Cobra
23-01-11USA CRCR race: saturday qualifying
21-01-11USA CRCRC-race: thursday: Billy reports
19-01-11USA: CRCRC Nitro race: Easton joins in with Serpent Cobra
19-01-11France: Vincent Chezville joined by Dan Robin to run Serpent Cobra
17-01-11Malaysia: Victory for Serpent Cobra - Lee
03-01-11Malaysia : Roy JJ with Serpent Cobra takes the Title TT Cup.
28-12-10Malaysia: again success for Serpent Cobra
22-12-10Spain: Adrian Perez joins Team Cobra
21-12-10Portugal; victory for Luis with Cobra in 1st race
17-12-10WC offroad: Eastons report on Thailand
15-12-10USA: Easton reports: J-Concepts Clash
13-12-10Team: Top-driver Alberto Garcia from Spain joins Team Serpent Conbra
10-12-10Team: Rodrigo Luis from Portugal joins Team Serpent Cobra
23-11-10Serpent Cobra radiobox V2 is shipping
23-11-10Brasil: Heitor wins Nitrocross Series with Serpent Cobra
22-11-10Team: Vanrell joins Team Serpent Cobra
18-11-10WC offroad: Serpent Cobra Final report
14-11-10WC offroad: Easton moves up tot the semi-final
14-11-10WC offroad: Easton moves up to Main final in 5th.
14-11-10WC offroad : Easton with Cobra reaches 5th place in the main final , great finish
13-11-10WC offroad: Results after the last round of qualifying at the WC offroad at the Pattaya track
12-11-10Last day of qualifying report for the WC offroad from Pattaya thailand
11-11-10WC offroad: Serpent Cobra drivers
10-11-10World Championships 1/8 offroad Pattaya Thailand
10-11-10Brasil; Serpent Cobra win in Nitrocross
10-11-10WC offroad: Easton in top 20 after 2 heats
09-11-10France: Rodriguez wins GP Pierrefeu with Serpent Cobra
08-11-10WC Buggy: Thailand a go go
04-11-10WC buggy: Easton/ Cobra ready to rock
03-11-10WC buggy: Brunsberg / Serpent Cobra with new radiobox, is ready to go
02-11-10Team Cobra France: Nicolas Rodriguez
19-10-10Serpent Cobra: shocks in action
19-10-10Brasil: 4th Round Nitrocross Cup in São Paulo - victory for Cobra
18-10-10China: Serpent Cobra in 2nd place, Beijing race 1/8
06-10-10Team: interview with Serpent Cobra racer Niclas Brunsberg from Sweden
05-10-10Germany: Brunsberg on podium with Cobra in 1st race
25-09-10Team Sweden: Niclas Brunsberg joins Team Serpent Cobra
24-09-10Argentina: perfect score for Colombo with Cobra-S811 on his 3-rd consecutive victory
20-09-10France: good result for J. Bacro with Serpent Cobra again
17-09-10Serpent Cobra S811: new radio-box - upgrade set
13-09-10Sweden: young talent David Hassel runs Serpent Cobra in 2011
08-09-10Alvaro Colombo and the Cobra strike again in Argentina
08-09-10USA: Florida region 4 Champs, Serpent Cobra dominates
01-09-10Australia; David Simms TQ-s and wins AKA cup with Serpent Cobra
24-08-10Germany: Simon with Cobra takes 4th place in 1st round Nats
23-08-10Argentina: Serpent S-811 scores a great victory at the Metropolitan Champ
20-08-10Derek McCloskey joins Serpent Off Road team
20-08-10USA: development of Serpent Cobra GT 1/8
18-08-10France: Jonathan Bacro joins Team Serpent with Cobra
17-08-10France: Jonathan Bacro with the Cobra on podium.
09-08-10Roar State Series Race Held at Hobby Hut in Audubon PA
05-08-103rd Round Brazilian Nitrocross Cup
17-07-10Tech-tip: servo's in 1/8 offroad
17-07-10France: Vincent Chezville runs Serpent Cobra
15-07-10Swiss: Dominique Gross joins Team Serpent with Cobra
09-07-10Serpent Cobra, tech-tip
09-07-10EC 1/8 buggy: Easton supports Cobra racers
07-07-10EC 1/8 offroad, Portugal; its a go !
01-07-10USA: offroad Nats: Easton reports
01-07-10Oliver Simon joins Team Serpent
30-06-10Spain: Porcar takes podium with Cobra
28-06-10Spain: Serpent Cobra show
24-06-10USA: offroad Nats Arizona; practise
24-06-10USA: Time schedule Nats offroad
23-06-10Norway: Serpent Cobra of Morten Thorkildsen claims podium
22-06-10Derek Weatherholt joins Team Offroad Serpent America
06-06-10USA: AMS buggy race: 2 Cobra in Amain
01-06-10Brasil: intro of Serpent Cobra by Heitor Nogueira
27-05-10Serpent S811 Cobra: now shipping
17-05-10USA: Serpent Cobra 1,2,3 in quali and 1,2 in main
06-05-10USA: Easton wins 1st Pro-Series race in FL with Cobra
03-05-10Germany: Serpent Cobra fast at Oberhausen track
27-04-10USA: Josh Talmadge tests Serpent Cobra and wins
13-04-10USA: Easton wins FSS round 6 with Cobra
13-04-10Neo-2010: Easton reports
06-04-10Neo 2010: Easton in A-Main final with Cobra
05-04-10Neo 2010; qualifying
04-04-10Neo 2010: Easton in 22nd after 3 rounds
03-04-10Neo 2010: practise
19-03-10Neo 2010: Billy Easton confirmed with Serpent Cobra 1/8
19-03-10Serpent Cobra S811: wall-papers
23-02-10Neobuggy Interview with Billy Easton on the Cobra
19-02-10Easton with Cobra at Dirt Nitro Challenge
22-01-10Easton wins 1st race with Serpent Cobra S811, USA
22-01-10Serpent S811 Cobra, 1/8 buggy, intro part 4
08-01-10Serpent S811 Cobra, 1/8 buggy, intro part 3
29-12-09Serpent, 1/8 buggy intro, part 2
23-12-09Intro Serpent 1/8 buggy project with Billy Easton