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Cobra SRX8 buggy 1/8 GP High end racing buggy in 1/8 4wd version for gaspowered engines. Main features include big bore shocks, 3 gear-diffs, double diskbrake, race clutch, ballraced anti-roll bars, springsteel transmission parts and wheel axles. Promopage: http://promo.serpent.com/srx8/ http://www.rcbuilds.net/builds/offroad-builds/offroad-18th-builds/serpent-srx8-user-build-step-by-step/

> News

Neo 2017: Neumann to 6th place overall in GP Buggy (2017/04/24)


Team Serpent was present at the 2017 NEO with some strong drivers, the team headed by Joern Neumann.

GP class:
Neumann qualified direct for the semi final and ran a very strong race to take 11th spot for the main Final with his Cobra SRX8 GP Buggy.

In the main final Neumann stormed to the front after a very good start with a 4th position  at some point and a 6th place overall at the end of the 45 minute final.  The Cobra SRX8 performance remained stabile all through the final and Joern raced very well !

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