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> Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd (#600019)

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Serpent Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd Main new features - 4.5mm anodized aluminium 7075 T6 shocktowers front and rear - Shockcaps with dual system, membrane / emulsion - New grey coated chassisplate in 7075 T6, with improved engine position. - Molded uprights for increased traction, 2 lower /4 upper positions for set-up - Springsteel centre driveshafts and adaptors in dogbone style for durability, eas of use and maintenance - Latest wishbones type with added set-up options and improved materials - Additional hingepin inserts for more settngs - High downforce Avenger body Full details also here: http://promo.serpent.com/srx8-evo/

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Race report Buggy Euros Warm-up (2018/06/19)


Here's my race report from last weekend Euros Warm-up :

Euros warm-up is in the books! It was a fun weekend of racing driving on a very high grip track. Qualify didn't go as planned and I had to bump from quarters to semi. On semi I've made a couple of mistakes which cost me a lot of time making it impossible to bump up. It was a good practice for the Euros and until there there's a lot of things to try and improve.

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19-06-18TQ and win at Procircuit race in Sweden
20-02-18USA: Team Serpent at the Dirt Nitro Challenge
21-01-18Team: Cody King from USA joins Team Serpent Offroad
15-01-18Cobra SRX8 EVO and SRX8-E: Best of both Worlds !
06-09-17promowebsite for Cobra SRX8 EVO is LIVE
06-09-17Lightweight alu center shafts for Cobra SRX8-EVO