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> Skid plate alu SRX8 (#600897)

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Product Type:
Gas Cars > 1/8 offroad
Suitable for:
Cobra SRX8 buggy 1/8 GP
Cobra SRX8E buggy 1/8 EP
Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

Skid plate alu SRX8

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> Description

Rear skidplate carbon and alu
The SRX8 has the steel chassis skidplate as standard feature in the hard anodised chassisplate.  As optional items Serpent now releases 2 lighter version of the skidplate
1 x coated alumnium
1 x carbon fibre
Both include the seal/gasket to close the diffcase.
These are the part numbers and weight of them:
600738   Skid plate steel SRX8 (22Gr)
600897   Skid plate alu SRX8 (10Gr)
600898   Skid plate carbon SRX8 (8Gr)