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2017-05-29 France: personal report from A.Thurston about his first A-main final at the ENS
2017-05-29 Austria: Kurt Hubeny wins 2nd run of Austrian nationals
2017-05-29 England: SERPENT 977 EVO win in both classes at the Adur Racetrack
2017-05-25 France: Greiner's report about his race in Mulhouse
2017-05-24 Korea: 2nd Place for Serpent SRX8 and SRX8-e
2017-05-24 France: Salven reports on ENS race in Mulhouse
2017-05-23 Norway: Kobbevik wins 1st Norwegain nats with SRX8
2017-05-17 Sweden: Pontus Larsson fast at Nordic Contets
2017-05-11 Portugal: race report about the race in Figueira da Foz 1/10 TC
2017-05-09 Indonesia: Christian Mamesah wins the 1st round of SIS Challenge
2017-05-09 Portugal: report from Dur„es about tge 2nd round of portuguese nats
2017-05-03 England: race report about the round 2 of british championship 1/8
2017-05-03 Germany: race report from Neumann about the Warm up Bischofsheim
2017-05-02 USA: Austin Woodyard takes home the silverware
2017-04-18 Indonesia: Cobra GT 3.0 wins Indonesian Rd.4
2017-04-18 Panama: report about the Copa Del Istmo in Panama
2017-04-14 UK: Serpent primary sponsor at the NEO 2017
2017-04-13 England: A.Thurston wins 1th round of British Championship 1/10
2017-04-12 Indonesia: Ginting wins in Jakarta
2017-04-10 England: Tim Wood's report from 1/8 UK National Round 1 - Cotswolds
2017-04-05 China: Wilck on podium at CETC with 4X
2017-04-05 England: report from Alex Thurston about his win with the Serpent Evo2 e
2017-04-04 Czech republic: Podium place for Serpent
2017-04-04 Serpent F110-SF3 is shipping
2017-04-04 Portugal: First round of the Portuguese nationals

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