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2018-01-18 Serpent Race News - Austin Woodyard wins 2018 Midwest Winter Champs
2018-01-18 Serpent Race News- Pan AM 2018, Homestead USA
2018-01-11 Italy: race report from Carlos Dur„es - One Race† - One Man
2018-01-11 Denmark: short race report from Merlin Depta
2018-01-08 DHI Cup onroad 2018, Wilck reports
2018-01-08 DHI Cup 2018, onroad
2017-12-20 Hong Kong: Serpent Asia Cup 2017 report
2017-12-19 Italy: short report from the 2nd round of the friendly Cup
2017-12-13 Italy: Franco Tacconelli wins the indoor Re-volt Championship with his F1 †
2017-12-13 Hong Kong: race report from Nicholas Lee about the Serpent Asia Cup 2017
2017-12-07 UK - Serpent Win FIVE On-Road National Titles in 2017
2017-11-29 AOC Japan 2017, images
2017-11-24 AOC Japan: pre production Project 4X EVO racing
2017-11-21 USA: race news from Familiy Hanna
2017-11-15 SPT-race news- Fwd: Portuguese cup 1/10 nitro
2017-11-09 Xiamen: report from Nicholas Lee about the Sunpadow international Grand Prix Race
2017-11-08 USA: Easton takes 2nd place in 2WD - JC SuperCup
2017-11-07 USA: Hanna wins at the Fall Brawl warm up
2017-11-07 USA: Woodyard wins with his Nitro Truggyat the Fall Brawl warmup in Badlands
2017-11-06 Austria: report from David Ehrbar about the first round of the ETS
2017-11-02 England: Alex Thurston's wins 200mm Nitro British Champion title and the 1/8th electric British Champion title!!! Here a short self reflection from him
2017-11-02 SPT - race Report :Copa Mitad del Mundo, Quito, Ecuador
2017-10-31 Austria: Round 1 ETS Austria
2017-10-31 SPT Netherlands race report : Halsema wins with Cobra SRX8 and SRX8-E
2017-10-31 Poland: report from the II Preliminary XRS Poland

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