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2017-08-16 England: Serpent 977 TQ & Wins UK Nats R7 at Brooklands
2017-08-16 Indonesia: Ginting wins rd.3 from the east touring series
2017-08-07 EFRA EC 1/10 GP onroad in Mulhouse France underway
2017-08-07 USA: Woodyward TQ's and wins Tilted Worlds
2017-08-01 Germany: Benson TQ's and wins ETS F1 race in Ettlingen with F110 SF3
2017-08-01 USA: Team Serpent took some victories home from LA.
2017-07-31 UK: Moss makes 2wd A-main in UK nats 2wd
2017-07-31 Germany: Benson TQ's and wins ETS F1 race in Ettlingen with F110 SF3
2017-07-26 USA: Loran Whiting at Timezone GP with Natrix 748-WC
2017-07-26 Spain: Hidalgo wins 1/10 G Nats wit Natrix 748-WC
2017-07-25 USA: Whiting with Cobra GT at Timezone GP
2017-07-25 USA: report from Austin Woddyard
2017-07-24 USA: Law with 4X in stock, Timezone GP TQ and win
2017-07-24 USA: Lyday with Cobra GT at TZ-GP
2017-07-24 USA: Erchinger with Project 4X at the Timezone GP
2017-07-21 USA; Desoto jr fast at Speedzone GP
2017-07-21 USA: Nate Lyday at Timezone GP with Eryx 411
2017-07-20 USA: TimeZone GP TQ and win Burch 748-WC
2017-07-17 Sweden: Fransson win 1/8 nats in Sweden
2017-07-13 Germany: Greiner's report about his first race with the brand new Serpent Viper988 at the ENS in Ettlingen
2017-07-12 Indonesia: 2nd round of Indonesian Nationals
2017-07-12 Portugal: report about the 4th round of Portuguese 1/10 TC Nationals
2017-07-11 Sweden: Wilck TQ and wins 2017 Champs with project 4X
2017-06-29 USA: Project 4X chassis focus, Law, Bash at the Beach, FL
2017-06-29 USA: Project 4X chassis focus, Wolf at the Beach, FL

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