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2017-09-26 Costa Rica: Serpent wins at the 2nd winter cup
2017-09-19 Ontario: Spyder buggies in front
2017-09-18 Spain: Duraes makes A-mains at Buggyland in EP and GP
2017-09-18 Korea: AOC race report by Viktor Wilck
2017-09-11 China: Zheyi Shen wins Chinese 1/10 National SDX4
2017-09-11 Portugal: Duraes TQ and wins buggy nats with Cobra SRX8
2017-09-07 USA; Easton wins with Spyder SDX4 at FSC
2017-09-07 Belgium: Mejor wins 2017 Belgian Champs 1/8 GP
2017-09-05 Norway: Kristensen with Serpent takes 2017 norway Champs 2wd/4wd
2017-09-04 Jakarta: report and results from the EP Regional Rd.3
2017-09-04 Germany: report from Michael Salven about the german nationals 1:8
2017-08-31 Costa Rica: Serpent wins GT and 1/10 Cup
2017-08-30 UK: Stotfold UK National Report
2017-08-30 Czech Republik: report from the 4th round of Czech Nationals
2017-08-22 Czech Republic: Nitro&electro offroad series rd. 4
2017-08-22 Sweden: report about the middle swedish cup round.5
2017-08-16 England: Serpent 977 TQ & Wins UK Nats R7 at Brooklands
2017-08-16 Indonesia: Ginting wins rd.3 from the east touring series
2017-08-07 EFRA EC 1/10 GP onroad in Mulhouse France underway
2017-08-07 USA: Woodyward TQ's and wins Tilted Worlds
2017-08-01 Germany: Benson TQ's and wins ETS F1 race in Ettlingen with F110 SF3
2017-08-01 USA: Team Serpent took some victories home from LA.
2017-07-31 UK: Moss makes 2wd A-main in UK nats 2wd
2017-07-31 Germany: Benson TQ's and wins ETS F1 race in Ettlingen with F110 SF3

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