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2017-06-22 Poland: Fwd: 2 Round of OderPomeraniaCup 2017 - Serpent dominate 2WD Junior and 4WD Buggy Class
2017-06-22 ENGLAND: Serpent TQ and WIN both 1/10th Races at Mendip
2017-06-20 Sweden: Pontus Larsson wins Middle swedish cup 3
2017-06-20 Belgium: 3 Serpent on the Podium at the BK Roeselare
2017-06-19 Slowakia: ETS race: Ehrbar again on podium
2017-06-16 USA: Report and Video @ ROAR Region 4 Carpet Regional.
2017-06-16 Pattaya : Jörn Neumanns race report about his win at the Pattaya Challenge
2017-06-15 Usa: report from Walter Diaz about the KO PROPO GRAND PRIX
2017-06-13 England: Alex's National Race report
2017-06-13 France: Abel Martinez wins 4rd of French Championship with his Cobra GT e 3.0
2017-06-13 Czech Republic : report from Czech Nationals rd. 2 in Zidlochovice
2017-06-13 Korea: Results from the RC Arena 1/8 Off Road Championship race
2017-06-08 Germany: Race report Mid-German regionals Rd2 from M.Depta
2017-06-08 Portugal: race report from the 3rd race of Portuguese Nationals
2017-06-01 USA: report from Viktor Wilck about his 3rd place at the Reedy race of Champions
2017-05-31 Netherland: Boris Kolff ends on the 3rd place at his first race
2017-05-31 Netherland: Triple podium for Serpent 748 at Dutch 1:10 National round 2
2017-05-30 Usa: Griffin Hanna wins Summer shootout with Serpent SRX8-e
2017-05-30 France: Tim Wood's report from the 1/8 WC Warmup - May 2017
2017-05-29 France: personal report from A.Thurston about his first A-main final at the ENS
2017-05-29 Austria: Kurt Hubeny wins 2nd run of Austrian nationals
2017-05-29 England: SERPENT 977 EVO win in both classes at the Adur Racetrack
2017-05-25 France: Greiner's report about his race in Mulhouse
2017-05-24 Korea: 2nd Place for Serpent SRX8 and SRX8-e
2017-05-24 France: Salven reports on ENS race in Mulhouse

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